• Convert your backyard into a permaculture food garden like the old English-style ones, full of life and abundance from which you can build your own ecosystem.  Fill it with flowers, plants, vegetables, fruit trees and foliage that nourish and feed bees, butterflies, birds, bats, ladybugs, frogs, beetles, crickets and other vital garden creatures whose populations are declining due to habitat loss, poor nutrition and widely used insecticides, pesticides, fungicides and common household products like Roundup and other toxic chemcials.  Try a mixture of vinegar, salt and dish soap, use boiling water or an old-fashion weed pulling tool instead. 

  • Know where your food comes from, read labels, ask questions for your safety and well-being. Fresh, organic food is medicine, it has been for thousands of years.  Beware of GMO'S (Genetically Modified Organism's) because you are what you eat.  Think about this, if Roundup kills everything in the field but the crop-- including bees and butterflies--do you really want to eat the corn, soy beans or any bi-products?  Consider growing your own flowers, fruit, herbs and vegetables and preparing your own meals, you’ll save money and be healthier and happier for it.  There are many edible plants and crops that are suitable to grow both indoors and outdoors including herbs, microgreens and sprouts that take surprisingly little time and effort to germinate and grow.

  • Keep Honey bees and care for them, over 40% of their populations in the US have declined. Simply put, we need them.  Bees provide vital pollination services at the base of our food chain. Honey bees also produce sweet, raw honey.  It never expires and it's loaded with natural antibodies and immunities perfect for allergies and common illnesses like the cold and flu.   

  • Plant a butterfly garden.  Monarch populations are critically endangered and have declined over 90%!  Monarch's live their entire lifecycle--from egg to caterpillar to butterfly--almost exclusively on Milkweed plants (pumpkin too) so add some Milkweed to your garden.

  • Buy fresh produce and goods from neighbors, local growers or at a local farmers market.  Bring back and support  "Mom & Pop" small shop owners of days gone by and keep the money in our community for the greater good of everyone.

  • Learn how to share resources, barter or trade for food, goods, talents and services with your neighbors. Bartering is a lost art and an invaluable skill, it's an excellent way to acquire necessities especially in times of crisis when natural disasters strike and money is scarce or not accessible.

  • Just say "no" to single use plastics. We are literally eating our own micro-plastic waste if our protein source has consumed it.  Let’s insist grocers, retailers and restaurants sell their products and goods in environmentally friendly, biodegradable or edible packaging and in the process, you may save the life of a whale, dolphin, shark, sea turtle, seabird, fish in the ocean, or even a creature on land.

  • Plant a tree or two, pledge to go green, recycle and reuse everything, compost your household organic waste including grass clippings, leaves and printer paper as you create garden soil. 

  • You may want to give a more plant based diet a whirl on #MeatlessMondays and in the process, you may save the life of a cow, pig, chicken or turkey from a life of enslavement and cruelty in the industrialized animals for food business run by heartless corporations and instead, revert back to the ways of our ancestors who kept and cared for livestock on small, loving family farms or on urban homesteads.

  • Make sure your home or dwelling is energy efficient.  Regularly inspect your home for plumbling leaks that waste water, check your windows seals and check for mechanical leaks in your heating and cooling system.  You may want to consider adding solar panels and installing a rain barrel to capture rain water for your garden and optimize your energy efficiency.

  • Make a disaster plan to impliment during times of crisis so we are well prepared for hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, floods, solar storms, electro magnet pulses, extreme weather events and whatever Mother Nature throws our way.

  • Buy flood insurance and preapre an emergency disaster kit full of supplies before disaster strikes to protect your home and valuable assets.  A standard preparedness kit should be made for a minimum of 2 weeks.  Extreme disaster kits should include plenty of medical supplies, bleach, batteries, flashlights, tools, hardware, candles, matches, drinkable water, toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, personal protection devices, preserved, canned and dry foods with a shelf life of up to 2 years.  

  • Get back to nature by spending more time in it.  Share resources and build a community with our neighbors and make the world a better place.  

  • Strive to create toxic-free grass lawns and home environments with vibrant food gardens that benefit bees, butterflies and all of nature allowing us to become self-reliant, food savvy humans in an ever changing climate.

  • The saying "Don't Mess With Mother Nature" is taking on new meaning with the loss of Arctic Sea ice, wacky weather events, stronger Hurricanes, rain bombs, floods and heatwaves being experienced now with Climate Change and Ocean acidification.



We can choose to work in harmony with nature by creating beneficial daily habits that help regenerate the life and abundance of our grandparents era.  Helping our beloved pollinators regenerate, thrive and survive is a top priority.  

Through education and by building a community that connects us with each other, we can move mountains.  

Being able to connect with each other and show our true humanity is a useful tool to have in times of crisis when we need each other the most as our ancestors did for thousands of years, neighbors helping neighbors.  

The future is in "we" instead of "me" by working cooperatively together for a common goal and the greater good.


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